Feb 1, 2012

C Program to demonstrate strpbrk function.

Write C programt to demonstrate strpbrk function.
strpbrk function locate the first occurrence pointed by the of string s1 from the string pointed to by s2. In this program, We Turns miscellaneous field separators into just a space separating tokens for easy parsing by SSCANF. Eventually, the character separators and replacement character will be passed in as strings. Read more about C Programming Language .
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <strings.h>

#define LINE_BUF  100

void find_comment(char *);

 char  line[LINE_BUF];
 char *sep;
 int   var1, var2;

 while (fgets(line, LINE_BUF, stdin)) {

   * Check this out:  Since SEP is a pointer to type char, when line is
   * assigned to sep, really the first address is assigned to sep. LINE
   * is the address of the start of the string.  In contrast, LINE[0]
   * is the first character of the string.

  sep = line;

  while (sep != 0) {
   sep = strpbrk(line, ";.&:,");
   if (sep != 0)
    *sep = ' ';
  fputs(line, stdout);
 return 0;
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