Nov 15, 2011

K&R C Program Exercise 1-14

K and R solutions to print a histogram of the frequencies of different characters in its input. K and R C Programs Exercises provides the solution to all the exercises in the C Programming Language, second addition, by Brian W.Keringhan and Dennis M.Ritchie(Prentice Hall,1988). You can learn and solve K&R C Programs Exercise. Read more about C Programming Language .

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#define HISTLEN 15       /*max length of histogram */
#define CHARLENGTH 128      /*max different characters */

/* print horizontal histogram freq. of different characters */
 int c,i;
 int len;   /*length of each bar   */
 int maxvalue;    /*maximum value for cc[]  */
 int cc[CHARLENGTH]; /*character counters*/

 for(i=1;i0) {
   if((len = cc[i]*HISTLEN/maxvalue)<=0)
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K and R C Programs Exercise

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